gnmic supports exporting subscription updates to a UDP server

A UDP output can be defined using the below format in gnmic config file under outputs section:

    type: udp # required
    address: IPAddress:Port # a UDP server address 
    rate: 10ms # maximum sending rate, e.g: 1ns, 10ms
    buffer-size: # number of messages to buffer in case of sending failure
    format: json # export format. json, protobuf, prototext, protojson, event
    retry-interval: # time duration to wait before re-dial in case there is a failure
    enable-metrics: false # NOT IMPLEMENTED boolean, enables the collection and export (via prometheus) of output specific metrics
    event-processors: # list of processors to apply on the message before writing

A UDP output can be used to export data to an ELK stack, using Logstash UDP input