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gnmic is a single binary built for the Linux, Mac OS and Windows platforms distributed via Github releases.

Linux/Mac OS#

To download & install the latest release the following automated installation script can be used:

sudo curl -sL | sudo bash

As a result, the latest gnmic version will be installed in the /usr/local/bin directory and the version information will be printed out.

Downloading gnmic_0.0.3_Darwin_x86_64.tar.gz...
Moving gnmic to /usr/local/bin

version : 0.0.3
 commit : f541948
   date : 2020-04-23T12:06:07Z
 gitURL :
   docs :

Installation complete!

To install a specific version of gnmic, provide the version with -v flag to the installation script:

sudo curl -sL | sudo bash -s -- -v 0.5.0


Linux users running distributives with support for deb/rpm packages can install gnmic using pre-built packages:

sudo curl -sL | sudo bash -s -- --use-pkg


To upgrade gnmic to the latest version use the upgrade command:

# upgrade using binary file
gnmic version upgrade

# upgrade using package
gnmic version upgrade --use-pkg


Windows users should use WSL on Windows and install the linux version of the tool.


The gnmic container image can be pulled from Dockerhub or GitHub container registries. The tag of the image corresponds to the release version and latest tag points to the latest available release:

# pull latest release from dockerhub
docker pull gnmic/gnmic:latest

# pull the specific release from github registry
docker pull