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v0.17.0 - July 14th 2021#

  • Event Trigger:

    Enhance event-trigger to run multiple actions sequentially when an event occurs.

    The output of an action can be used in the following ones.

  • Kafka output:

    Add SASL_SSL and SSL security protocols to kafka output.

  • gRPC authentication:

    Add support for token based gRPC authentication.

v0.16.2 - July 13th 2021#

  • Fix nil pointer dereference in case a subscription has suppress-redundant but no heartbeat-interval.

v0.16.1 - July 12th 2021#

  • Bump version to v0.2.7

v0.16.0 - June 14th 2021#

  • Target Discovery:

    Add Docker Engine target loader, gnmic can dynamically discover gNMI targets running as docker containers.

  • Event Trigger: gNMI action

    Enhance gNMI action to take external variables as input, in addition to the received gNMI update.

v0.15.0 - June 7th 2021#

  • Subscription:

Add field set-target under subscription config, a boolean that enables setting the target name as a gNMI prefix target.

  • Outputs:

Add add-target and target-template fields under all outputs, Enables adding the target value as a tag/label based on the subscription and target metadata

v0.14.3 - June 6th 2021#

  • Set command:

    Fix ascii values encoding if used with --request-file flag.

v0.14.2 - June 3rd 2021#

  • Fix event-convert processor when the conversion is between integer types.
  • Add an implicit conversion of uint to int if the influxdb output version is 1.8.x. This is a workaround for the limited support of influx APIv2 by influxDB1.8

v0.14.1 - May 31st 2021#

  • Fix OverrideTS processor
  • Add override-timestamps option under outputs, to override the message timestamps regardless of the message output format

v0.14.0 - May 28th 2021#

  • New Output format flat

    • This format prints the Get and Subscribe RPCs as a list of xpath: value, where the xpath points to a leaf value.
  • New gnmic diff command:

    • This command prints the difference in responses between a reference target --ref and one or more targets to be compared to the reference --compare.
    • The output is printed as flat format results.

v0.13.0 - May 10th 2021#

  • New gnmic generate Command:

    • Given a set of yang models and an xpath, gnmic generate generates a JSON/YAML representation of the YANG object the given path points to.
    • Given a set of yang models and an set of xpaths (with --update or --replace), gnmic generate set-request generates a set request file that can be filled with the desired values and used with gnmic set --request-file
    • The sub-command gnmic generate path is an alias to gnmic path
  • Path Command:

    • add flag --desc which, if present, prints the YANG leaf description together with the generated paths.
    • add flag --config-only which, if present, only generates paths pointing to YANG leaves representing config data.
    • add flag --state-only which, if present, only generates paths pointing to a YANG leaf representing state data.

v0.12.2 - April 24th 2021#

  • Fix a bug that cause gNMIc to crash if certain processors are used.

v0.12.1 - April 21st 2021#

  • Fix parsing of stringArray flags containing a space.

v0.12.0 - April 20th 2021#

  • Outputs:
    • InfluxDB and Prometheus outputs: Convert gNMI Decimal64 values to Float64.
  • Set Command:
    • Add the ability to run a Set command using a single file, including replaces, updates and deletes.
    • The request file --request-file is either a static file or a Golang Text Template rendered separately for each target.
    • The template input is read from a file referenced by the flag --request-vars.

v0.11.0 - April 15th 2021#

  • Processors:
    • Add event-allow processor, basically an allow ACL based on jq condition or regular expressions.
    • Add event-extract-tags processor, it adds tags based on regex named groups from tag names, tag values, value names, or values.
    • Add gnmi-action to event-trigger processor, the action runs a gNMI Set or Get if the trigger condition is met.
  • Set Command:
    • Improve usability by supporting reading values (--update-file and --replace-file) from standard input.

v0.10.0 - April 8th 2021#

  • New command:
    • getset command: This command conditionally executes both a Get and a Set RPC, the GetResponse is used to evaluate a condition which if met triggers the execution of the Set RPC.
  • Processors:
    • Some processors' apply condition can be expressed using jq instead of regular expressions.

v0.9.1 - March 23rd 2021#

  • Processors:

    • Add event-trigger processor: This processor is used to trigger a predefined action if a condition is met.
    • New processor event-jq which applies a transformation on the messages expressed as a jq expression.
  • Shell autocompletion:

    • Shell (bash, zsh and fish) autocompletion scripts can be generated using gnmic completion [bash|zsh|fish].
  • gRPC gzip compression:
    • gnmic supports gzip compression on gRPC connections.

v0.9.0 - March 11th 2021#

  • Clustered Prometheus output:
    • When deployed as a cluster, it is possible to register only one of the prometheus outputs in Consul. This is handy in the case of a cluster with data replication.
  • Proto file loading at runtime (Nokia SROS):
    • gnmic supports loading SROS proto files at runtime to decode gNMI updates with proto encoding
  • Kafka Output:
    • Kafka SASL support: PLAIN, SCRAM SHA256/SHA512 OAuth mechanisms are supported.
  • Configuration:
    • gnmic supports configuration using environment variables.
  • Processors:
    • add event-merge processor.
  • Target Loaders:
    • gnmic supports target loaders at runtime, new targets can be added to the configuration from a file that gnmic watches or from Consul

v0.8.0 - March 2nd 2021#

  • Inputs:
    • Processors can now be applied by the input plugins.
  • Prometheus output:
    • The Prometheus output can now register as a service in Consul, a Prometheus client can discover the output using consul service discovery.
  • Clustering:
    • gnmic can now run as a cluster, this requires a running Consul instance that will be used by the gnmic instance for leader election and target load sharing.
  • Configuration file:
    • The default configuration file placement now follows XDG recommendations
  • CLI exit status:
    • Failure of most commands is properly reflected in the cli exit status.
  • Configuration:
    • Configuration fields that are OS paths are expanded by gnmic
  • Deployment examples:
    • A set of deployment examples is added to the repo and the docs.

v0.7.0 - January 28th 2021#

  • Prometheus output metrics customization:

    • metric-prefix and append-subscription-name can be used to change the default metric prefix and append the subscription name to the metric name.
    • export-timestamps: enables/disables the export of timestamps together with the metric.
    • strings-as-labels: enables/disables automatically adding paths with a value of type string as a metric label.
  • NATS output:

    • allow multiple NATS workers under NATS output via field num-workers.
    • add NATS prometheus internal metrics.
  • STAN output:

    • allow multiple STAN workers under STAN output via field num-workers.
    • add NATS prometheus internal metrics.
  • File output:

    • add File prometheus metrics.
  • Inputs:

    • support ingesting gNMI data from NATS, STAN or a Kafka message bus.

v0.6.0 - December 14th 2020#

  • Processors:

    • Added processors to gnmic, a set of basic processors can be used to manipulate gNMI data flowing through gnmic. These processors are applied by the output plugins
  • Upgrade command: gnmic can be upgraded using gnmic version upgrade command.

v0.5.2 - December 1st 2020#

  • Outputs:
    • Improve outputs logging
    • Add Prometheus metrics to Kafka output

v0.5.1 - November 28th 2020#

  • Prompt Mode:
    • Fix subscribe RPC behavior
  • QoS:
    • Do not populate QoS field if not set via config file or flag. Outputs:
    • add configurable number of workers to some outputs.

v0.5.0 - November 25th 2020#

  • Prompt Mode:
    • Add prompt sub commands.
  • XPATH parsing:
    • Add custom xpath parsingto gnmi.Path to allow for paths including column :.
  • TLS:
    • Allow configurable TLS versions per target, the minimum, the maximum and the preferred TLS versions ca be configured.

v0.4.3 - November 10th 2020#

  • Missing path:
    • Initialize the path field if not present in SubscribeResponse

v0.4.2 - November 5th 2020#

  • YANG:
    • Prompt command flags --file and --dir support globs.
  • Subscribe:
    • added flags --output that allows to choose a single output for subscribe updates
  • Prompt:
    • Max suggestions is automatically adjusted based on the terminal height.
    • Add suggestions for address and subscriptions.

v0.4.1 - October 22nd 2020#

  • Prompt:
    • Add suggestions of xpath with origin, --suggest-with-origin.

v0.4.0 - October 21st 2020#

  • New Command:
    • Add new command prompt
  • Prompt:

    • Add ctrl+z key bind to delete a single path element.
    • Add YANG info to xpath suggestions.
    • Add GoLeft, GoRight key binds.
    • Sort xpaths and prefixes suggestions.
    • xpaths suggestions are properly generated if a prefix is present.
    • flag --suggest-all-flags allows adding global flags suggestion in prompt mode.
  • Prometheus output:

    • Add support for Prometheus output plugin.

v0.3.0 - October 1st 2020#

  • InfluxDB output:
    • Add support for influxDB output plugin.

v0.2.3 - September 18th 2020#

  • Retry
    • Add basic RPC retry mechanism.
  • ONCE mode subscription:
    • Handle targets that send an EOF error instead of a SyncResponse to signify the end of ONCE subscriptions.
  • Docker image:
    • Docker images added to as well as docker hub.

v0.2.2 - September 3rd 2020#

  • CLI:
    • Properly handle paths that include quotes.
  • Unix Socket:
    • Allow send/rcv of gNMI data to/from a unix socket.
  • Outputs:
    • Add TCP output plugin.

v0.2.1 - August 11th 2020#

  • Releases:
    • Add .deb. and .rpm packages to releases.
  • Outputs:
    • Add UDP output plugin.

v0.2.0 - August 7th 2020#

  • Releases:
    • Add ARM releases.
    • Push docker image to docker hub.

v0.1.1 - July 23rd 2020#

  • Set Cmd:
    • Support json_ietf encoding when the value is specified from a file.

v0.1.0 - July 16th 2020#

  • Outputs:
    • Allow NATS/STAN output subject customization.

v0.0.7 - July 16th 2020#

  • gNMI Target:
    • Add support for gNMI Target field.
  • gNMI Origin:
    • Add support for gNMI Origin field.
  • Prometheus internal metrics:
    • Add support for gnmic internal metrics via a Prometheus server.
  • Outputs:
    • Add support for multiple output plugins (file, NATS, STAN, Kafka)
  • Targets:
    • Support target specific configuration.
  • Poll Subscription:
    • Allow selecting polled targets and subscription using a CLI select menu.
  • gNMI Models:
    • Support multiple Models in Get and Subscribe RPCs.

v0.0.6 - June 2nd 2020#

  • Nokia Dialout:
    • Add Support for Nokia Dialout telemetry.
  • Printing:
    • Convert timestamps to Time.

v0.0.5 - May 18th 2020#

  • Formatting:
    • Add textproto format.

v0.0.4 - May 11th 2020#

  • Logging:
    • Support logging to file instead of Stderr.
  • Set Command:
    • support Set values from YAML file.

v0.0.3 - April 23rd 2020#

  • Proxy:
    • Allow usage of ENV proxy values for gRPC connections.
  • Installation:
    • Add installation script.

v0.0.2 - April 13th 2020#

  • Terminal printing clean up.
  • Path Command: Add search option.

v0.0.1 - March 24th 2020#

  • Capabilities RPC Command.
  • Get RPC Command.
  • Subscribe RPC Command.
  • Set RPC Command.
  • TLS support.
  • Version Command.
  • Path Commnd.

initial Commit - February 20th 2020#